Ready, Set, Yoga!!

Welcome to GroundingUp, a new yoga lifestyle BLOG!

Our aim is to make yoga philosophy and practice honest and accessible, allowing readers to explore and develop a practice that meets their needs and comfort level.

Here at GroundingUp, we practice Baptiste Yoga, a strong Hatha yoga-based style founded by Walt and Baron Baptiste. The practice and related theory are designed to provide the insight and focus required for success in all areas of life. It is a form of yoga that leverages the physical practice of the asanas, breathing techniques, and meditation to maximize a  health and wellness rather than some of the more traditional and heavily spiritual approaches.

We’ll be covering a wide variety of topics related to all things yoga including:

1) Yoga product reviews–Books, studios, instructors, workshops, retreats, music, and products
2) Forms & styles of yoga–we’ll dig into the various flavors of yoga and report back on just what they are and what you need to know before you try them
2) Yoga health and wellness–whatever is trending in injuries, detoxes, cleanses, super foods, recipes and fad diets
3) Yoga philosophy and spiritualism–We’ll bring an educational, straight forward, and objective view to topics that can really make a person’s eyes roll and discourage a person from trying yoga.
4) Yoga and work-life balance–because we all work
5) And much much more—guest bloggers, relationships, life stories, and whatever else we come across or feel like writing.

The primary author is Jes La Russa. An insurance industry executive by day, she spends the rest of her time as a wife, a mom, and a yoga nerd always looking for time to do more yoga.

Our home studio is Three Dog Yoga, in Santa Rosa, California.

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