This BLOG Launches June 2016!

We can’t wait to share our BLOG with you. Please check back¬†soon.

This site will cover a wide variety of topics related to all things yoga including:

  • Yoga reviews–Books, studios, instructors, workshops, retreats, music, and products
  • Forms of yoga–Here at Grounding Up, our regularly scheduled programming is Baptiste Yoga; however, we’ll dig into the various flavors of yoga and report back on just what they are and what you need to know before you try them
  • Yoga health and wellness–whatever is trending in injuries, detoxes, cleanses, super foods, recipes and fad diets
  • Yoga philosophy and spiritualism–We’ll bring an educational, straight forward, and objective view to topics that can really make a person’s eyes roll and discourage a person from trying yoga
  • Yoga and work-life balance–because we all work at something
  • And much much more–guest bloggers, relationships, life stories, and whatever else we come across or feel like writing